23.6%of Egypt’s population are youth: CAPMAS

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Around 23.6% of Egyptian population are youth , i.e. 21.2 million people, aging between 18-29 years old, state’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) announced Thursday.

In a press release issued Thursday on the occasion of the International Youth Day, CAPAMAS stated that the 23.6 percentage includes 51.1 percent male, 48.9 percent female.

The press release issued among the framework of the world conference of the United Nations for world ministries responsible for youth for the involvement of young citizens as thy represents the effective force of the community for their energy the importance of investing their enthusiasm they are the hope of future and encourage constructing countries.

It showed that the total number of students enrolled in higher education reached 2.3 million (54.4 percent male, 45.6 percent female), while the number of students enrolled in above-intermediate technical institutions (governmental/ private) was 117.179 (53.6 percent males, 46.4 percent females).

According to labor force survey 2015 data, 49 percent of youth (68.6 percent males, 28.7 percent females) contribute in the labor force in the age group (18-29), the release pointed out.

It stated that unemployment rate among youth in the age group (18-29) is 26.7 percent (22 percent males and 38.2 percent females).

Meanwhile, unemployment rate among youth in the age group (18-29) hold a university or higher degree is 41.5 percent (34.4 percent males and 51.2 percent females), and reached 29.5 percent for those with a intermediate  technician certificate (23.9 percent males, 44.8 percent  females).