322 production units will be finished in Al-Robeky City in February: Minister

Minister of Industry and Trade Tarek Qabil revealed that a number of production units in the first phase of Al-Robeky industrial zone for leather tanneries have been allocated including 82 plants of 322 units with various by the beginning of February.

This came during Qabil’s visit to the city, in which he inspected a number of new factories as well as construction works.

The new industrial zone will relocate unorganized tanneries, currently located in the Magra El Oyoun neighborhood in Old Cairo, to a new purpose-built manufacturing area on the outskirts of the capital city.

Qabil added that operations rate within the new city is moving in coincidence  with plan that has been set by the ministry referring that  70 small tanneries have been relocated  from Magra El Oyoun to the new city.

In June 2014, Egypt’s outgoing President Adly Mansour allocated 398.6 acres of state land for Al-Robeky industrial zone for leather tanneries.

Then in 2015, the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) allotted LE 330 million of its annual budget for the Al-Robeky project.

The second phase of Egypt’s Al-Robeky industrial zone for leather tanneries is currently being utilised, spread over 85,000 square meters and representing 30 percent of the project’s area.