33 Ceramics plants invest 15 bln pounds in Egypt

The Egyptian market has a 33 cermaics plants working in it producing around 240 million meter square annually with total investments of 15 billion Egyptian pounds, the minister of industry and trade Tarek Qabil said.

Qabil made the remark during his meeting with Chairman of Ceramics Division in the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) Sherif Afifi and a number of members of the ceramics division.

He added that the ministry is keen on developing ceramics industry in Egypt which will contribute with fulfilling the local market needs and increasing its contribution in the national projects.

He further referred to the competitiveness of the Egyptian products of ceramics in the local and the global market especially when the local component of the ceramic industry is 90 percent.

He said that his ministry is keen on making Egypt a regional hub for manufacturing and exporting ceramics and construction materials.

The ceramics industry in Egypt can make use of the incentives offered by the government to the Egyptian exports to African and Iraqi markets, especially the fact that the government bears about 50 percent of shipping costs, the minister added.