60% of Users: Telecom Egypt Should be the 4th Mobile Operator

60% of the surveyed people agreed on allowing Telecom Egypt to compete with three mobile network providers in Egypt (Etisalat, Vodafone,Mobinil) after having the virtual operator license.

While 36% of users opposed allowing Telecom Egypt to enter this market, claiming that it will be “unfair competition”, noting that company has a strong telecommunications infrastructure that is already exist, as well as providing access to international telecommunications.

They added that Egyptian telecommunications market does not require a fourth operator. Telecom Egypt Company is losing its landline customers and being a fourth mobile operator will increase its losses.

The survey showed that 4% are not concerned whether Egypt Telecom would be able to compete with the other major companies for mobile services or not.  They asserted that they support the network which would present the best offers and does not impose stamp duty.

Worth mentioning that the three mobile networks have started imposing the stamp duty since the first of March.