8 Egyptian firms to take part in CES 2016 Las Vegas tech show

Around eight Egyptian firms will be heading this month to Las Vegas, to take part in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show.

The event will take place next January 6-9.

CES is a sprawling consumer technology showcase that seems to extend to more Las Vegas venues every year. Thought-leaders and visionaries from the tech industry will once again take the keynote stage at CES 2016.

From Samsung to one-person start-ups, thousands of companies will demo new products, while, behind-the-scenes, deals will be struck to make further generations of gadgets possible.

Khalil Hassan Khalil, Head of Computer and Software Department pertaining to the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC), said the Egyptian delegation to attend the CES 2016 involves eight firms from Cairo, Alexandria, and Dakahlia governorates. The eight firms are specialised in fields of electronics manufacturing, programming, embedded software, cloud computing, and mobile applications.

The firms are namely Kharafi Group-Egypt, Integrated Knowledge Dynamics (iKD), ITLand, Jupiter 2000, Star Computer, CAD CAM House, eSpace, and Minimax Software Solutions, the Egyptian official added.

Moreover, the Computer and Software Department has agreed with the Commercial Representation Office in Egypt’s embassy in the United States to arrange appointments for the eight Egyptian firms with international entities participating in the US event.