Egypt’s leather city aims at $1bln of exports by 2020

Egypt’s city for leather tanneries, Al-Robeky city seeks exports worth $1 billion by the end of 2020 when it runs at full production capacity by the end of 2019, head of the leather industry centre Yehia Zalat said.

Zalat told Amwal Al Ghad that 90 percent of the new city infrastructure and utilities has been completed along with 113 factories were established there on area of 825 metre squares.

The cost to build Al-Robeky City has so far reached 1.13 billion Egyptian pounds ($63 million), he added.

Al-Robeky currently has 15 factories running at full production capacity, Zalat said.

The Egyptian government aims at bringing all leather tanneries, which currently locates in Magra El-Oyoun, in one place, in Al-Robeky to become an integrated city for leather. The state will bear the cost of relocating the tanneries.

In 2014, former interim President Adly Mansour approved the allocation of 389.6 feddans in eastern Cairo for the benefit of the Ministry of Industry for an industrial zone for leather tanneries.