ADIB-Egypt expands branches network by inaugurating 8 new branches

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ABID) decided to redistribute its 70 branches in Egypt. The decision comes as the bank hopes to improve customer accessibility, according to ABID Consumer Banking Head Ahmed Effat.

The bank opened new branches in Maadi, El-Shams Sports Club, Hurghada, Sheikh Zayed City, and Cairo Festival City in late 2015 and plans to open three new branches by the end of January in Alexandria, Giza, and Luxor.

There is currently an ADIB branch in 22 of the 28 governorates in Egypt, a statistic that Effat thinks indicates the bank’s commitment to accessibility.

Effat  noted further redistribution plans be implemented in 2016.

“The bank expanded its products and services, adding innovative products such as the Dollar Instruments, Titanium Cash Back Cards, security chips for credit and debit cards, banking insurance products, and funding small companies and clinics,” Effat said.

In addition to the new financial products that will be provided, the new ADIB branches will offer high-level rooms to serve its “Gold” customers. The bank will also try to improve its online banking services.

Source: Daily News Egypt