AFD, Egypt sign €500,000 urban transport deal

Egypt has signed Wednesday a technical cooperation agreement in the urban transportation sector through FEXTE partnership grant worth €500,000 ($588,735) with the French Development Agency (AFD).

The agreement aims to improve the ticket-issuance system and support the commercial benefit from Metro stations and trams as well as railways in Cairo and Alexandria, besides supporting the operation and maintenance management to decrease operational costs, Egyptian Investment Minister Sahar Nasr said.

It is also designated to improve the physical integration between various means of transportation and enhancing capacities of the Greater Cairo Transport Regulatory Authority and the public transportation system in Cairo and Alexandria.

Nasr said an action plan would be developed to improve the design of Cairo metro and Al-Raml Tram in Alexandria, review and support the professional design of two main metro stations on the third metro line, design and implement a training programme.

to improve the efficiency of the staff working in the maintenance of Cairo metro, and support the professional performance of the Greater Cairo Transport Regulatory Authority and develop its human resources.

Connecting between cities would contribute to enhancing investments in Egypt and decrease the time period of transportation, Nasr explained.

Transportation has a priority in negotiations with international financial institutions, she added.

The agreement was signed by Nasr, AFD’s Cairo Office Director Stephanie Lafranchi, and CODATU’s Executive Manager Jean-Jacques Helluin.