Al-Ansari Exchange increases Emiratization rate to 10% this year

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Al-Ansari Exchange, specialized in money transfer services and foreign exchange in United Arab Emirates, will expand Emiratization program by 10%. Al-Ansari Exchange participates in the 14th National Job Forum, to be launched on Wednesday February 22nd to 24th in Al-Sharqa Expo centre under the sponsorship of Sheikh Sultan Ben Mohamed Al-Qasemy, member of the Supreme Council of Al-Sharqa Rule, as one of his efforts to provide successful career for Emiratis in the financial and banking sectors. Sponsoring the National Job Forum is one of Al-Ansari Exchange attempts to provide various jobs and encourage Emiratis professionals to work in the financial and banking sectors. The Emiratization Program includes many skills development activities and professional courses which aim at developing the skills of fresh graduates, regarding financial procedures and transactions. In the Forum, Al-Ansari will offer professional consultations for students and fresh graduates, who want to have jobs in the financial and banking sectors.

Rashid Aly Al-Ansari, general manager of Al-Ansari Exchange, said that the National Job forum is an important initiative from the government within its efforts towards implementing Emiratization program and raising awareness about professional development opportunities available for Emirati in the financial and baking sectors. Al-Ansari participates again in this event to show the remarkable development achieved in the internal Emiratization program, to be expanded by 10% this year. Al-Ansari informed that the Forum provides Al-Ansari an opportunity to discover new skilful people, who are capable of achieving successful careers in Al-Ansari Exchange.

 Al-Ansari added that they dedicates their activities in the Forum this year to enable their training team to offer a practical and detailed experience for visitors, as well as informing them about the nature of the work in “Al-Ansari Exchange” branches. There will be also Human Resources Management team which will offer professional consultations.