Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL

Google’s been seriously stepping up its smartphone game ever since the launch of the Pixel last year, and for its second generation of handsets, we’re no longer just choosing between a big and a little model, but also between a Pixel with a conventional versus a new ultra-wide display.

But the Pixel 2 XL with its big face-filling screen isn’t the only new smartphone of its kind to just hit the block, and Apple’s grabbing headlines with a super-widescreen phone of its own, the new iPhone X.
How do these two late-2017 flagships stack up against each other? Let’s take a look

The iPhone X feels like an iPhone should: sleek and sophisticated. The move to a glass back this year may make the handset a bit smudge-prone, but the choice of material at least feels very nice in the hand. But the design of this handset is really focused on that expansive screen, consuming as much of the phone’s front panel as possible. While that does result in the controversial “notch” up top, we’re most impressed by how cleanly centered the display is, something few other ultra-widescreen phones can claim.

The Pixel 2 XL, meanwhile, gets a lot of its visual cues from the original Pixel lineup, especially the two-tone back. Here, though, we’re treated to an interesting new use of metal with a unique, almost ceramic-like texture. Around front, Google’s bezels aren’t nearly as uniform as Apple’s but that does leave room for front-facing stereo speakers flanking the screen’s top and bottom. The iPhone X features stereo speakers of its own, of course; one positioned in the earpiece, and the other mounted on the phone’s bottom edge. It’s a bit of a peculiar positioning, but the effect is largely the same.
Source: Phonearena