Ariston unveils secrets of perfect dishwasher use

People still often underestimate the value, power and efficiency of today’s dishwashers as for instance, 87 percent of them still pre-rinse their dishes before putting them into the dishwasher.

With modern appliances, like Ariston’s new 60cm dishwasher range, this is an unnecessary step that is time consuming – and needs up to 11,200 L of water per year, according to an international survey by Whirlpool Corporation.

Those people reluctant to use a dishwasher for smaller loads also waste water and precious time, depending on how many of their dishes they decide to wash by hand, this can cost people up to 220 hours of their free time each year, the survey showed. That means nine days that people could spend on doing the things they really enjoy and caring for those who matter most to them!

The dishwashers from Ariston’s new 60cm range are everyone’s powerful ally, offering unprecedented flexibility and performance without compromise. Whether they are taking on tough baked-on grease or want to wash smaller loads without wasting water – its new 3D Zone Wash technology makes hand washing a thing of the past thanks to an innovative system of multiple water sprayers that directs water to exactly where it’s needed. With these dishwashers’ spectrum of smart, innovative features, the secret to perfect cleaning comes built in.

Cut through tough dirt with the performance of 3D Zone Wash

The new Ariston dishwashers feature 3D Zone Wash, a new system of 5 independent water jets that improve performance, offering impeccable cleaning. 3D Zone Wash allows incredibly precise washing with up to 40 percent more cleaning power to enable a more intensive cleaning, or even wash the contents of a selected basket with up to 40 percent less energy. This lets people tackle even the toughest soiling and altogether eliminates the need to pre-rinse. Crucially, it also allows them to use their dishwasher even when they only have a small load – reducing the amount of energy by up to 40 percent to economically clean a smaller load.

So people have to take advantage of their dishwasher’s strength: Place very dirty dishes in one basket and unleash the power of 3D Zone Wash on them. The same goes if people only have a couple of dishes from breakfast and a handful of cutlery to clean – 3D Zone Wash will take these chores off their hands in a water and energy saving manner.

Smarter, brighter and fresher – everyday

The clean-lined, authentic designs of Ariston dishwashers seamlessly fit into today’s kitchens, while their new, smart interfaces – including Ariston’s premium full text touch display – make controlling the appliance a pure delight. The newly-designed interiors are just as smart: Bright LED lighting makes it easier to see inside the premium stainless steel tub and provides enough light to see when people load and unload their dishes. Capacity for up to 15 place settings is created by an intuitive and flexible storage system, including a Vertical Zone that lets them securely position larger items in an organised manner that avoids inefficient loading.

Caring for glass is made easier, thanks to a special Glass Care system: When needed, a holder can be folded out to maximise the number of glasses of different sizes that can be safely loaded, with spotless cleaning and thorough drying of glass ensured by a dedicated Glass Care cycle.

The new dishwashers even help keep themselves cleaner and fresher, thanks to Ariston’s Active Oxygen technology. This uses the power of active oxygen molecules, which are released into the dishwasher to dissolve up to 70 percent of unpleasant odours after 24 hours. The system works automatically and needs no maintenance – helping people keep their kitchen beautifully fresh.

The new Ariston dishwasher offers more cleaning power, more flexibility and cuts out the time taken on hand washing, making it effortlessly easy to get the very best possible cleaning performance. This way people can enjoy their time with family and friends – not just during but also after the meal.