Armed Forces kill 4 militants targeting a North Sinai checkpoint

The Armed Forces attacked a group of militants that were attempting to target Al-Nafora checkpoint in Rafah in North Sinai, killing four of the attackers, according to a statement.

The Armed Forces said the militants were in possession of hand grenades, automatic rifles, bullets, and two wireless devices for detonating improvised explosive devices, as well as a suicide belt.

The militants were allegedly attempting to plant a bomb near the checkpoint, which the Armed Forces succeeded in disposing of.

Security forces are combing the area for other militants and adding further protection to the area around the checkpoint.

Sinai has become the scene of frequent clashes between militants and state security forces. An extensive counter-insurgency operation was launched to curb militancy within Sinai. These operations have imposed a state of emergency in the northern regions of the peninsula.

Source: Daily News Egypt