Australian delegation to visit Egypt to boost trade ties Sunday

Australia is sending Sunday a commercial delegation to Egypt, designated to promote Australian business and trade links in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The delegation, encompassing more than 40 Australian firms, is part of the Australian government’s major trade and investment promotion initiative; Australia Unlimited Middle East and North Africa 2016 (AU MENA 2016), running between 24 January and 1 February in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Australia’s ambassador to Cairo, Neil Hawkins said his country is determined to boost its trade and business relations with Egypt and to fill the North African country’s food security needs.

The delegation is set to meet with Egyptian business and government counterparts in key areas of agriculture, food industry, mining, and education.

The MENA region is an important export market for Australian firms, with two-way trade worth $15 billion a year, and it is also a major source of foreign investment.

In 2015, trade exchange between Egypt and Australia has exceeded 650 million Australian dollars (US$460.5 million).