Benha University offers 50 scholarships to deepen Afro-Egyptian ties

In a move to promote Egypt’s ties with African countries, Gamal Ismail, acting president of Benha University, said that the university is to offer 50 scholarships for African Students.

Ismail asserted that he seeks to raise the quality of high education and prepare graduates to take their first steps into labor market. He also calls for paying special attention to foreign students after the growing numbers of non-Egyptian students that reached 6,400.

Ismail added that Benha University has a clear work plan for the next stage with a number of features including establishing partnerships and cooperation agreements with international universities in China, Japan, UK, and US. Moreover, it plans to send more students overseas to obtain masters and PhD degrees.

In a major development plan, Benha University added a number of new educational and administrative buildings.  In addition, the university is currently working to complete maintenance work before the new academic year begins.