Cabinet endorses $439mn to deliver natural gas to 1.2M homes in Egypt

Egyptian economic ministerial committee -headed by Premier Sherif Ismail- approved Monday providing 3.9 billion Egyptian pounds (US$439 million) to finish delivering natural gas to 1.2 million homes.

The government plans linking housing units in urban and rural areas in different governorates with natural gas within the upcoming period.

This decision comes as pursuant to state’s plan to boost rates of delivering natural gas to houses in different governorates during financial year 2016-17 as well as lowering the subsidy on butane.

The committee also agreed on increasing the approved value for executing this plan in addition to discussing the facilities that could be provided for clients.

Ismail urged housing and petroleum ministers to deliver natural gas to 900,000 housing units among the Social Housing project in a number of governorates.

The committee encompasses  the governor of the Central Bank of Egypt and the ministers of planning, supply, finance, investment, tourism, international cooperation, petroleum and industry as members.