Cairo ICT Prepares For An Exceptional Round Under The Slogan“The Spring Of Technologies”

An exceptional round of Cairo ICT is shaping up as preparations started earlier than previous years to ensure the best possible image for the only ICT event in Egypt and the largest in the MEA region.

The coming round will be held on 26-29 April 2012 at the Cairo International Conference Center under the slogan “The Spring Of Technologies”.

The 16th round of Cairo ICT Trade Fair and Forum is held under the auspices of Dr. Mohamed Salem, Minister of CIT, and the participation of many authorities, local and multinational companies working in Egypt to reiterate their presence and continuation of business in Egypt after the revolution. This opens the door wide for many projects and ideas some of which have already been launched or implemented, while others wait for political issues to settle down to launch a number of new projects and a few more will be announced for the first time in Cairo ICT.

The new date has been agreed upon to concur with the relative stability and political changes following parliamentary and Shura council elections. Eng. Hossam Saleh, Executive Vice President of Trade Fairs International, the company organizing Cairo ICT, “The coming round of the exhibition comes like spring breezes to give a boost to the ICT sector to soar to higher and wider horizons. Cairo ICT represents an exceptional opportunity for all participants to discuss challenges, future investment opportunities and the prospects of growth both locally and regionally.”

Saleh added, “The positive political movements Egypt is witnessing currently must be paralleled with the desire to develop and grow at the same speed and with the same force in all sectors of the country.” He reiterated that the ICT sector plays a major role in this important era of Egyptian history and acts as the locomotive that pushes development in various fields.

Saleh used Turkey, Brazil and India as examples of countries that were able to achieve high growth levels in recent years and said, “These countries were able in a short period of time to achieve the highest growth rates. It wouldn’t have happened if it were not for developing their human resources and using ICT in different fields especially in political rights and legislations.”

The coming round, Cairo ICT 2012, will appear with a different image than previous years. This year will witness the organizing of the Cairo Security Summit, an event that is specialized in offering and showcasing solutions and applications of data security from international experts.

Another event is the Cairo Telecom Summit, which discusses the most prominent ICT sector issues as well as different internet usages and 4th generation networks “LTE” and IPv6 applications. The event will encompass a number of internationally renowned speakers in addition to an event that will be organized in cooperation with one of the UN organizations.

Cairo ICT is set to have a different appearance both in shape and content, including all topics discussed in the forum, as well as new technology solutions to be announced and revealed for the first time in Africa and the Arab world. Developments will also reach all aspects of the exhibition from organization and registration to halls partitioning in order to achieve full integration between the ICT, electronics, service providers, and media from different sectors.