Cairo’s Chamber Supports Egypt-Sri Lanka Economic Relations

Commercial chambers of Egypt and Sri Lanka have signed an understanding memorandum in Colombo – Capital of Sri Lanka – as this signing came as a part of the efforts executed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stimulate the economic relations between Egypt and foreign states.

The meeting was attended by, Fawzy Gohar -Egyptian ambassador in Sri Lanka-, and the Egyptian delegation of the chamber headed by Salah Al Aabd, as well as the chambers’ members Sayed El Nawawy and Sameh Zaki.

That delegation has arrived at Colombo, in order to participate in the exhibition “Expo 2012” of developing Sri Lanka’s exports and imports.

Ambassador Fawzy Gohar stated that the Egyptian embassy in Colombo is doing all efforts to support the Egyptian economy, and encouraging the exploration of new fields for Egyptian exports, especially for the major Asian markets, which owns a lot of unused opportunities of dual cooperation.