Criminal Court Postpones Ezz’s Case Till 6 May

Cairo Criminal Court, headed by Counselors Makram Awad, Sobhey Al Laban and Hany Abdel Halim, postponed the trial of Ahmed Ezz, the businessman and former Secretary of National Democratic Party, until May 6th session. Ahmed Ezz is convicted with “money laundering”, which reached EGP 4.821 billion.

The session started by entering the accused into the dock, as Mustafa Ahmed, empowered by Farid Al Deeb (the accused lawyer), demanded postponing the trial till Al Deeb returns from France, who has angina.

The claimant Osman Al Hefnawi accused both of Khadiga Ahmed “Ezz’s wife” and his daughters “Afaf and Malek” with illicit gains; according to Article 18.

The investigations uncovered that Ezz had constructed a number of companies with his wife and daughters; whereas he deposited the money in his companies.

It was detected that Ezz transferred the money into the account of “EZZ Group” in Egyptian Gulf Bank; in addition, he exchanged these sums of money with dollars. The accused also bought a private airplane in England and deposited those sums in Switzerland and Germany banks under the name of his wife and daughters.

Depending on the Supreme Security State prosecution’s investigations, the prosecutor decided to transfer Ahmed Ezz into the criminal court, headed by Counselor Hesham Al Bedawi. The investigations uncovered that Ezz had intentionally deteriorated the public fund; as he jointly with some defendants from “Al Dekheela Co.” achieved interests reached EGP 4.821 billion during the period 2001-2011.