Egypt ambassador renews calls to end UK travel ban to Sharm al-Sheikh

Egyptian ambassador to the UK Tarek Adel has renewed calls on Wednesday for the government to lift its ban on British flights to the tourist resort of Sham al-Sheikh.

Lifting the travel ban will contribute to deepening the long-standing economic and political ties even more between Egypt and the UK, Adel said, describing the act if taken as showing “goodwill and determination”.

Speaking at a meeting in London with the Egyptian door knock mission to the UK, Adel said Egypt had witnessed some drastic and positive changes in the last three years, particularly on the economic level.

The UK side had to benefit from the recent positive changes in Egypt by exploring the current promising investment opportunities in the country, the ambassador added.

UK investors have the chance to engage in some strategic giant projects in Egypt such as the new administrative capital, the golden triangle free economic zone, the new Suez Canal, the New El Alamein, Adel said.

Egyptian tourism, a pillar of the country’s economy and a key source of hard currency, has taken a blow since the passenger plane crash in late 2015.

British and Russian governments banned their airlines from flying to Sharm al-Sheikh, a popular winter sun destination, because of concerns about security at the airport after the October 2015 bombing which killed all 224 people on board.

The British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) and the Egyptian British Business Council held a meeting for members of the Egyptian door knock mission visiting the UK with British officials.