Rolin executes 35 buildings in Egypt’s Al Asmarat housing for slums dwellers

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The General Construction Company-Rolin, owned by Holding company for Construction and Development (HCCD), is executing 35 residential building among the third district of Al Asmarat housing project dedicated for risky slums dwellers.

The 35 buildings are assigned to the company by the housing directorate of Cairo Governorate with total cost of 100 million Egyptian pounds ($11.2 million) according to an insightful source.

The project is being implemented in order relocate the residents of dangerous slums, notably Manshiyat Naser, east Cairo, El-Deweika in Manshiet Nasser, Dar el Salam, Stabl Antar, among other neighborhood.

El Asmarat housing project is constructed on 62 feddans through three phases to encompass 7440 housing units; each unit is on a space of 65 square metres with total investments worth 950 million pounds.

The governorate is set to finish the works on the last phase by June 2016, the source added.

Rolin  with it procession in the field of contracting of construction in Egypt started when the Belgian Baron Leon Rollin established accompany to be in the same manner as the European contracting companies at the beginning of 20 the century .

The company commenced business and contributed in construction of lots of eternal architectural ecliptics which are still standing lofty in Egypt.