BREAKING: Egypt corrects EgyptAir flight hijacker’s name — Seif El Din Mustafa

The man identified as the hijacker of EgyptAir flight 181, Ibrahim Samaha, a professor of veterinary medicine, has spoken out to say the reports are wrong and he was one of the passengers, now freed.

Earlier, Samaha was wrongly accused as the hijacker demanding handover of a letter to his ex-wife as well as a political asylum.

No names of the hijacker were given of in the news conference held by Egypt minister of aviation, despite Egyptian TV earlier releasing a name which is not correct.

An Egyptian woman has said she is the wife of Ibrahim Samaha — the name given earlier by Egyptian officials as the hijacker.

She says her husband, with the same name, is not the hijacker and that he was on his way to Cairo en route to the United States to attend a conference.

The woman, who identified herself as Nahla, told the private TV network ONTV in a telephone interview that her husband had never been to Cyprus and that a photo shown on Egyptian and regional TV channels and purporting to show the hijacker is not her husband.

On Tuesday morning the Egyptian airline EgyptAir announced that a flight – Airbus 320- from Alexandria to Cairo has been hijacked and landed in Cyprus with 81 passengers on board.

source: CNN, Sky news, BBC,AP