Egypt establishes 55 bridges among the new Regional Ring Road

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Egyptian General Authority for Roads, Bridges & Land Transport is currently establishing 55 new bridges among Regional Ring Road that extends from Belbees City – Eastern Cairo City- to ElSadat City – in the western fringe of the Nile Delta, according to the minister of transport Galal El-Said.

The 55 new bridges will be erected within the sector that connects Banha and Alexandria desert road; divided into seven divisions that include establishing the 4 km long Banha-Nile road with total cost of 500 million Egyptian pounds, the 1 km long Banha- agriculture road with total cost of 250 million pounds, 10 bridges and an 8 km tunnel with total cost of 800 million pounds.

The rest four divisions include implementing 15 bridges with total cost worth 10 billion pounds,  30 bridges and the 17 km tunnel  with total cost  worth 1  billion  and 900  million pounds,  the 5 km -Khattaba bridge axis with total cost worth 700 million pounds and the 15 km  road with total cost worth  600  million pounds.