Egypt finalises 8,328 social housing units in New Minya

Egyptian New Minya City Authority has completed the implementation of 8,328 social housing units in the city, 250km (155.3 miles) far from Cairo, said its head Mohamed Moustafa Ahmed on Tuesday.

“We are currently executing a number of different services projects in the city, including four nurseries, four schools, and four commercial markets as well as one school,” Ahmed further added.

New Minya City was established by a Cabinet decree no. 278/1986 on a total space of around 24,600 feddans. It includes a number of residential, service, industrial, touristic, and entertainment areas.

Established by a Cabinet decree no. 278/1986 over 24,600 feddans, New Minya City includes a bunch of residential, service, industrial, entertainment, and touristic areas.