Egypt finishes 3138 units in New Aswan among social housing scheme

Egyptian government has completed the establishment of 3,138 housing units in New Aswan as part of the country’s social housing project, according to Ahmed Rashad, head of the New Aswan City Authority.

He added that his authority signed contracts with 1,765 citizens and 822 units had been delivered.

New Aswan City  was established following a presidential decree (96/1999) on an area of 3,900 feddans. It is located on the west bank of the River Nile.

The “Egypt’s Housing” scheme is scheduled to include 100,000 residential units, 41,000 of which are currently being built. Due to the growing demand, additional 28,000 units are in the pipeline.

The middle-class housing in the “Egypt’s Home” scheme will comprise 95,000 units across Egypt, 5,088 of which have been finished.