Egypt inaugurates International plastics fair Plastex 2016

The 15th International African-Arabian Exhibition for Plastics Industries – Plastex 2016 has kicked off Thursday in Cairo.

Egypt is hosting the exhibition for four days at its Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

PLASTEX 2016 is the leading international trade fair dedicated to the plastic machinery, components, raw materials and chemicals at the MENA region. The fair presents products and services, technologies and innovations, trends and tendencies for trade markets. It is an international meeting-place for worldwide suppliers and regional manufacturers.

Since its launch in 1993, PLASTEX held 14 successful versions and the 15th edition is expected to attract more exhibitors, visitors, and international attendance in addition to increasing space. This increase conveys the prominence of the show in the plastic industry markets providing an essential forum for established key players as well as new companies targeting the Middle East and Africa’s ever growing markets.

Organised by ACG – ITF Trade Fairs S.A.E. Company, It attracts exhibitors from all over the world and helps not only in promoting various technological innovations but also makes regional visitors aware of the latest industry trends. Plastex welcomes producers, designers, distributors, raw material suppliers and other companies and experts from a variety of branches.

Over 350 exhibitors are participating this year, representing more than 30 stations worldwide, including Italy, Germany, India, China, Taiwan, Austria, Greece, Belgium, France, Spain, Serbia, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong, Netherlands,  Canada, Denmark, Cyprus, Brazil, South Korea, Portugal, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Khaled Abou EL Makarem- Chairman of the Egyptian Chemical Export Council (CEC) – plastics industry is one of the major industrial sectors for Egypt.

Plastic industry is contributing to Egypt’s economy by US$9.2 billion annually with investments worth more than US$6.4 billion, he added.

The Egyptian official further said the volume of plastic consumption in the country is estimated at around US$4 billion per year and expected to be increased by 10 percent within the upcoming three years.