Egypt joins ‘Thunder of The North’ military exercise in Saudi Arabia

A number of Egyptian military units were dispatched to Saudi Arabia on Sunday for joint military exercises with a number of other countries, according to a statement by the armed forces spokesman.

Ground forces, air troops and special forces from a number of Arab and Islamic countries are participating in the “Thunder of the North” exercise, which will last for a several days, Egypt’s Brigadier-General Mohamed Samir said.

The statement did not specify further details about the composition of the Egyptian component.

The exercises are part of a joint military exercise plan to integrate military relations between Egypt and “brotherly and friendly countries.”

Samir said the exercise aims at reaching “the highest levels of combat efficiency” and to train forces together to face “the dangers and challenges that target the safety and stability of the region.”

The training includes exercises designed to raise the combat efficiency of the participating units, including their efficiency in deployment.

Last April, Egypt’s naval and air forces participated in a joint Egyptian-Bahraini military exercise for the first time.

Egypt’s National Defence Council extended this month the deployment of Egyptian Armed Forces units in the Gulf area, the Red Sea and the Bab Al-Mandab strait for an additional year, or until the end of their mission.

Saudi Arabia announced in December the formation of a coalition of Muslim countries, including Egypt, to combat terrorism.

Source: Ahram Online