Parliament approves new bylaws by MP majority in Egypt

Egypt’s parliament – ‎the House of Representatives – approved the final draft of its new bylaws by the majority of its members Wednesday evening.

The new bylaws were sent to President Abdel-Fattah- El-Sisi for ratification and to be enacted into law.

The new bylaws were approved by the MPs after finalising many amendments and remarks raised by Egypt’s State Council. Most of these amendments are related to procedural issues that help sheild these bylaws ‎from constitutional or legal ‎appeals.

The parliament, however, rejected amendments related to its internal budget.

A majority of 403 members approved the bylaws after prior failure of the House of Representatives to approve the bylaws because the majority of the members did not attend the relevant sessions.

Parliament’s new bylaws, ‎consisting of 440 articles (438 plus two ‎procedural articles), were drafted two years ‎after the creation of the 2014 Constitution and almost ‎three months after the new House of Representatives was ‎elected. ‎

Source: Ahram Online