PM to witness Egypt’s top 100 companies awards ceremony

Under the auspices of Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail, a rating for the best 100 companies that had been working in the Egyptian market during 2015 will be officially announced in Cairo next January 27th.

The rating provides Egypt with strong data base through which the state could support sustainability with the private sector.

The rating was issued by Amwal Al Ghad, the leading economic magazine in Egypt and the Middle East. Amwal Al Ghad will hold a huge celebration to support Egypt’s economy in the presence of key CEOs of companies, public and private organizations in Egypt, key businessmen and diplomatic officials in Egypt. The ranking was set on a number of standards related to sales, assets, profits, market value for companies in collaboration with Mubasher, the reliable source of information that covers financial and stock markets & provides latest prices & values for local and global exchanges.

The celebration comes in the context of growing mobilisation of the Egyptian economy during the past year. In 2014, Egypt had witnessed the launch of many national projects that involved private sector firms and achieved suitable growth rates. Based on a deep study for the largest and most important firms listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, the ranking reflects the economic developments witnessed by the Egyptian market.

The ranking event aims to provide the Egyptian government with robust ground support to the sustainable cooperation between the private and public sectors in consideration to the development aspects of human resources, economy, and society.

It also aims at raising the international ranking for local companies, enhancing their capabilities, and enabling them to deal with the international institutions amid the ongoing evolution of the global economy and its dependence on the qualitative classification in which many countries preceded its adoption and is considered to be a major reference in the evaluation of markets and emerging economies.

Dina Abdel Fattah, Editor-in-Chief of Amwal Al Ghad publication, commented that the magazine will reveal for the first time in Egypt the best 100 companies operating in the local market under the auspices of the government. Also, a number of senior public officials will attend the event.

“The holding of this event coincides with the Strategic shift adopted by the magazine in terms of introducing qualitative categorization of companies as a fundamental reference in local industrial evaluation processes in accordance with the international specifications and standards to increase investment appetite,” she added.

She also pointed that the companies included within the list had showed strength in managing its operations and transaction over the past year despite the political circumstances and the extraordinary economic laws. The ranking included the top 100 companies in sectors incorporated health care, finance, trade, energy, raw materials, real estate and telecommunications.

Abdel Fattah assured that the success of the event will reinforce our confidence in the business strategy adopted by the magazine to achieve its mission as well as its main message that target improving the capabilities of the Egyptian economy through strengthening communication channels between the business community and  the decision-makers. She pointed out that the awards ceremony includes a gala dinner as well as a celebration for honoring a large number of decision-makers and CEO winners, banks chairmen and heads of financial institutions for their distinctive achievements that supported the Egyptian economy lately.

The event is considered the second ranking celebration for “Amwal Al Ghad” magazine as the magazine held a huge celebration on 20th of January 2014, honoring public figures in the economic sector in 2014, the most powerful companies, financial and banking institutions. The ceremony was attended by some ministers, officials, CEOs, business leaders and heads of public and private institutions in Egypt.