Egypt Post head visits Emirates Post Group card centre

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Chairman of Egyptian Postal Authority – Egypt Post, Essam El-Sageir is visiting Emirates Post Group (EPG) card centre on August 8-11, to get acquainted with the latest systems of card security.

As part of a huge development plan, the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) seeks to upgrade its card centre services aiming to secure the work system through the stages of card releasing, handling and payment. This takes place in accordance with the latest banking applications in this area.

The visit also aims to take advantage of the Egyptian Emirati ongoing cooperation in various aspects of the postal work.

Emirates Post Group (EPG) constantly seeks to provide postal services and solutions that match latest trends in global postal services, with a focus on making post offices one-stop shops that offer multiple services through a network over 115 post offices, driven by the goal of constantly raising customer satisfaction and adhering to principles of corporate social responsibility.