Egypt Post Partakes in UPU- Postal CEOs Forum

The Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO), represented by ENPO Chairman Essam El-Sageir, is due to take part in the Postal CEOs Forum organized by the Universal Postal Union (UPU). It kicks off on September 6, in Paris, France, under the patronage of the Director General of the UPU International Bureau Bishar A. Hussein.

Under the theme “Leading postal growth in an environment of disruptive innovation”, the Forum is to discuss the opportunities that the industry can leverage to build a strong and vibrant Post for the future. This is in addition to discussing how to integrate modern technology developments in the national post development strategies.

The Forum is an exclusive CEO event, where participants will share ideas on the role of the Post in the business environment, focusing on opportunities opened up by e-commerce, diversification of postal and financial services. 

The Forum is due to discuss several key topics, including e-commerce as a profitable ecosystem for Posts, e-retailers and e-marketers, and corporate branding and leadership communication through social media. This is in addition to postal financial services in the digital era, the role of big data in postal transformation and business and the Postal value chain: thinking beyond borders.

The Forum aims to bring together the largest number of senior postal sector leaders around the world to exchange experiences and set a plan for the future of the postal sector in advance of the 26th UPU Congress, due to be held during the fourth quarter of 2016 in Istanbul – Turkey.

The Universal Postal Union (UPU), including its Council of Administration(CA) and Postal Operations Council (POC), is the entity regulating the administration of the international postal sector and one of the organizations affiliated to the United Nations.