Egyptian exports of iron hit $797mln in 9 months

The Egyptian exports of iron and steel in the first nine months of 2018 reached $797 million, while the compared to $676 million during the same period a year earlier with an increase of 18 percent.

According to Export Council for Building Materials, Refractory & Metallurgy Industries monthly report, Egypt has exported iron and steel in the first nine months of 2018 to 66 countries including Pakistan, Coast Ivory, Angola, Japan, Latvia, Central Africa, Australia, Benin, the Federation of Malaysia with exports worth  $4.15 million.

Ten countries has acquired 78.4 percent of iron and steel exports worth $624.971 million, led by the Italian market $111.693 million gaining control of 14 percent of the exports of iron and steel.

Egypt’s exports of iron and steel to the Turkish market increased by 297% to reach $ 98.032 million during the “January-September 2018” versus 24.687 million dollars during the same period of 2017, as well as exports to Algeria which increased by 394% to $ 37.889 million compared to $ 7.67 million, and the Philippines 213% to record 25.964 million compared to $ 8.287 million.

on the other hand,  Egyptian steel and iron exports to Spain increased during the 9 months of this year to record some $87.11 million compared to $ 66.508 million during the same period of 2017 with a growth  rate of 31 percent, and Syria by 20 percent to $ 44.666 million comparison to $ 37.309 million, and Sudan by 19 to $ 51.558 million compared to $ 43.237 million.