Egypt’s Al Dau Development eyes 600mn pounds contractual sales in 2018

Egypt’s property developer firm Al Dau targets contractual sales worth 600 million Egyptian pounds ($34 million) from its flagships within 2018, marketing director Bahaa Karim Hefzallah said Tuesday.

The company also targets launching a new hotel and residential project, which will include 300 housing units, on a space of 10 feddans within the first quarter of this year, Hefzallah further told Amwal Al Ghad.

“The first phase is to encompass 100 units, with target sales of about 160 million pounds,” the Egyptian official said.

Hefzallah added that Al Dau Co. plans to start executing Al Dau Strand, which is located at the heart of Hurghada in Red Sea over 25,000 square metres within February 2018.

The company is currently marketing Al Dau Heights in Red Sea, Hefzallah said, referring that it is set to comprise 300 units.

“The first phase of the project (Al Dau Heights) will be completely delivered at the end of this year,” he referred.