Egypt’s BAPETCo produces 138,000 barrels of oil per day; chairman says

The current production of Badr El Din Petroleum Company (BAPETCo) is estimated at around 138,000 barrels of oil per day, Chairman Emad Hamdy announced Monday.

BAPETCo is a joint venture between the Egyptian Government and Shell.

This amount is produced from all company’s fields notably Badr-3 which is considered as BAPETCo’s largest and important field, Hamdy said. Most of BAPETCo’s fields are located in the Western Desert.

The chairman added that production rates of Badr-3 are estimated at around 15,995 oil barrels, 288 million cubic feet of gas daily, in addition to 6,480 barrels of condensates per day.

BAPETCo keeps its processes to develop wells and production fields so as to boost its total production of crude oil and natural gas within the coming period to provide local market with its fuel needs.