Egypt’s Cabinet denies importing crude oil, petrol products from Iran

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Egypt’s Cabinet media centre has dismissed as groundless reports that Egypt imports oil products from Iran.

In a statement Thursday, the center said it contacted the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Wealth which, in turn, described the reports as untrue.

Neither crude oil nor petrol products were imported from Iran, the ministry said.

There is no cooperation with Iran in importing crude oil or its derivatives, it added.

The Ministry affirmed that Egypt imports quantities of crude oil and derivatives upon trade agreements with Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia to meet local market needs.

It pointed out that the current average production of crude and petrol products in the country amounts to 600,000 barrels per day.

The ministry appealed to citizens and media outlets to turn a blind eye to such false reports and verify the authenticity of any news materials before spreading them.

Source: MENA