Egypt’s fishermen detained in Tunisia freed

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has managed to secure the release of Egyptian fishermen who were detained for illegal fishing in Tunisia.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, foreign ministry spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid stated that 13 fishermen would return to Egypt either later this week or early next week.

He added, however, that three of the fishermen, including the captain of the Egyptian fishing boat, will remain in Tunisia to stand trial for trespassing and illegal fishing in Tunisian territorial waters in late December.

The Egyptian embassy in Tunis as well the ministry of foreign affairs will follow the trial, according to Abu Zeid.

In August, Tunisia released 15 Egyptian fishermen who were arrested near Sfax port, also for trespassing.

This is one of the latest incidents involving Egyptian fishermen arrested in the territorial waters of neighboring countries like Sudan, Libya, and Tunisia.

Egypt’s foreign ministry has repeatedly intervened in these cases to ensure the release of the fishermen.

source: Ahram Online