Egypt’s HC Securities to boost its assets under management by 20% in 2018

HC Securities & Investment, the leading investment bank in the Middle East and North Africa, aims to increase the volume of its Assets under management (AUM) by 20 percent during 2018 according to its Deputy CEO, Mohamed Metwally.

Metwally told Amwal Al Ghad that the total amount of funds under management by the company recorded 4.5 billion Egyptian Pounds by the end of the third Quarter of 2017.

In addition, the assets encompass between managing around 15 investment funds that diversifies between equity funds, cash pools, and balanced funds as well as the capital protection oriented fund which is runs in favour of National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD).

The Deputy CEO also said that his company’s plans to increase its assets include entering into negotiations to seize an investment fund on belhalf of one of the local financial institutions in order to sign an agreement to manage it before the end of 2017.

Moreover, Metwally added that HC strategy within the upcoming period is based on three axes namely expanding the base of the AUMs, expanding the financial consulting sector and increasing the coverage of the brokerage sector.