Egypt’s Immigration Minister opens the largest real estate fair in London

Egypt’s Minister of Immigration and Foreign Affairs Nabila Makram traveled to London to partake in the largest exhibition in Europe, Real Estate Egypt.

The fair was organised by Al-Ahram and Spectrum Consulting, in London from 24th to 26th November, under the sponsorship of Egyptian Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouly, with the participation of Randa Al-Menshawi, Vice Minister of Housing for Monitoring and Public Services, and  Deputy Minister of Housing for National Projects Khalid Abbas.

The exhibition includes all the national projects in the field of housing implemented by the Egyptian Ministry of Housing as part of the state’s development plan.

Nabila Makram said the exhibition aims to promote Egyptian real estate market in European capitals and affirm Egypt’s vision for further progress in this field.

The idea of ​​exporting Egyptian real estate abroad is a good opportunity to commercialise Egyptian real estate and offer different visions that reflect the image of urban development projects within the framework of the 2030 sustainable development strategy.

Nabila Makram said the exhibition receives the attention and sponsorship of Moustafa Madbouly, in response to requests from Egyptians abroad to offer units in new housing projects, where the exhibition is the area of larger exhibition for the projects of the Ministry of Housing in new capital and New Alamein cities and several national housing projects.

In response to the Egyptian expat’s dream of owning a unit in their homeland that links their children to their roots, the Egyptian no matter how long alienation continues to return to the wishes of his country and seek all opportunities to own land or homes in his native country until one day he returns to it.

The Minister also invited the Egyptians abroad to participate in the exhibition and benefit from the presence of important real estate companies, in response to requests from Egyptians abroad to own units in their country of origin.

The minister called on Egyptians living in London to visit the exhibition, which will be an exceptional opportunity for them to witness the extraordinary development that Egypt has achieved in recent years, which is an achievement for all standards.

Source: Tech2