Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity to install 250,000 smart metres to support national grid

Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy is set to install 250,000 prepaid smart electric metres all over the country to improve the technical performance of the national grid.

The smart metres pilot project will exchange the old metres with new ones that will help consumers manage electricity and lower their bills.  The project also enables clients to pre-pay for their consumption, increase the degree of accuracy of metre reading, and reduce the time period between the metre reading and billing.

Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker made his remarks during a workshop organised by the Embassy of Belgium in Cairo on Thursday. The smart metres come within the frame work of the political leadership’s keenness to improve the electricity sector and to insure the stability of power supply with high quality and performance.

Shaker added that the electricity sector aims to increase the percentage of new and renewable to 20 percent of Egypt energy mix by 2022.