Egypt’s non-petroleum exports to Tunisia rise 40 % in 2017

Egypt’s non-petroleum industrial exports to Tunisia have made “remarkable progress”  during the last year increasing 40 percent recording $187.2 million compared to 133 million in 2016, Minister of  Industry and Trade Tarek Qabil said.

The trade balance between Egypt and Tunisia has achieved a surplus of 317 million pounds during 2017 in favour of Egypt compared to 123 million pounds in 2016 with an increase of 157.7 percent.

Head of the Egyptian Commercial Service Ahmed Antar attributed the rise in exports to the efforts of Egypt’s commercial service in Tunisia, which worked on helping Egypt’s products enter the Tunisia market and on maximizing the benefit from the ministry strategy to develop foreign trade by 2020.

Among the exports that saw a rise were textiles and readymade garments, food industries ,  iron and steel , fertilizers and papers, Antar said.