Egypt’s Norpetco rises oil production to 8,000 B/D; petroleum minister says

Oil production rates of Egypt’s North Bahariya Petroleum Company (Norpetco) have reached around 7641,000 barrels per day, Petroleum Minister Tarek El-Molla said in a statement Thursday.

The total volume of Norpetco’s consolidated production is hit around 14.92 million oil barrels on June 30, 2015, the minister stated.

Norpetco has succeeded to drill eight developmental affiliated wells; Abrar-23, Abrar-20, Abrar-15, Abrar S-4, 5, 6, and Ganna W-2. Accordingly, the company has boosted production rates from all its concession areas.

EL-Molla noted that Norpetco is currently agreeing on establishing three water injection stations.

In the statement, he pointed out that North Bahariya Petroleum Company has raised its storage capacity from 48,400 to 70,000 barrels through purchasing nine warehouses with the capacity of 2,400 barrels.

Minister El-Molla also added that Norpetco is currently manufacturing two tanks for crude oil with the capacity of 5,000 barrels for each for the oil receiving station NRA.