El Neel Oil Marketing boosts fuel stations in Egypt to 60

State-run El-Neel Oil Marketing Company-Petroneel boosted the number of its car service and fueling stations to 60 in Upper Egypt and Red Sea governorates.

Chairman Amr El Kaaky said Sunday that Petroneel -affiliated to Egyptian petroleum ministry- has launched new four stations during 2015 in Qena, Asyut, and Read Sea governorates.

He added that the company is currently preparing for launching other new ten stations during 2016 in addition to upgrading and boosting the efficiency of 12 existent stations.

El Kaaky stated that Petroneel is set to establish the largest two car service and fueling stations in New Sohag and New Aswan cities.

To choose the locations of its stations, Petroneel always keen to choose places located on entrances and exits of cities and governorates, highways as well as desert and new roads, the chairman clarified.

The company also keens on choosing locations with wide spaces to include all services in addition to installing solar power in fueling stations.

He pointed out that Luxor governorate has allocated land plot with space of 30 feddans for Petroneel to establish key warehouse for trading and providing petroleum products.

Chairman El Kaaky noted that Petroneel is currently operating with The Petroleum Projects  and Technical Consultations Company-Petrojet to implement petroleum products warehouse in Gahdam Area, Asyut.