Emirates NBD Launches ‘Pay Yourself First’ Initiative

Emirates NBD announced the launch of “Pay Yourself First,” an innovative financial education campaign designed to encourage individuals to manage their finances responsibly, and improve their personal saving habits.
Individuals enrolled in “Pay Yourself First Pledge” are encouraged to set aside savings as soon as they receive their income, instead of waiting till all expenses are met.

Launched by Emirates NBD as a public service initiative, and in line with the bank’s commitment to financial literacy and personal savings, “Pay Yourself First” has been introduced in partnership with leading international and local organizations, including Google, The National, Motivate Publishing, AMED Publishing, ITP Publishing, Mediaquest Corp. , Mondanite, Mastermind Publishing, Lux Media, Alam Attijarat, Al Wataniya, 7 Days, NeoPromo , Dubai TV, Sony TV, Asia Net TV, Suno FM, Channel 4 Group, Hello FM, Hills Advertising, Arabian Outdoor, Kassab Outdoor and ENG.

“As one of the leading local financial services provider in the UAE, Emirates NBD is committed to servicing the community in terms of providing innovative financial products and services, as well as leading them to financial well being,” said Vikram Krishna, Head – Group Marketing, Emirates NBD. “We are pleased to launch the “Pay Yourself First Pledge” campaign, which encourages and facilitates people to develop a smart saving habit, while empowering them with various tips to spend less and save more.”

“Pay Yourself First Pledge” is being unveiled with the launch of a dedicated Facebook page, where people can log in and take a pledge that they will pay themselves a certain amount of money, to be set aside for saving. Those signing up on the Facebook page and website would automatically have access to a variety of smart saving tips that would assist them in spending less during the month.

The public forum on Facebook would also include several innovative ideas and calculations to help participants understand how seemingly inconsequential changes in daily habits can lead to substantial savings over the longer term.

“The publicly expressed pledge is neither mandatory nor binding in any way, and also does not have any financial consequences. It will serve predominantly as an emotional commitment that will inspire people to reassess their saving and spending habits,” added Krishna.
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