Energy shortage leads Egypt’s ceramic factories to operate with capacity of 60%

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Ceramic factories are working with around 60 percent of their total capacities due to the shortage in energy supplies, notably the natural gas, necessary for finishing operational processes.

Sobhy Nasr ,vice chairman of Al Omaraa For Ceramic Production – Ceramica La Beaute,  stated that Egypt’s production of the ceramic is ranging between 1.2-1.3 million square meters daily.

He added that ceramic production rate is considered high in comparison to all states except China and India.

Ceramica La Beaute is currently producing around 235,000 square meters of ceramic daily despite suffering from the increase of natural gas prices.

The official pointed out that ceramic industry in Egypt would be able to cover all needs of Arab states and Africa if there were marine lines in Africa available to transport ceramic to those states.

Nasr added that he had met with Asyut governor to provide 10,000 job opportunities for youth in the field of ceramic industry with the salary of 1,500 pounds per month.