Establishing a giant bakery in Shoubra Elkhima costing 26 million EGP

Engineer Fekri Kora –Undersecretary of ministry of supply in Kalyoubeya- said that, all the procedures regarding the establishment of the giant bakery are about to be finished.

Fekri clarified that the bakery – that will be in Shoubra El khemi – will produce 4.1 million loaf of bread on daily basis to face the bread problem in the governorate, in cooperation with Ministry of Supply and Social Affairs and Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, and the bakery will be built aver an area of ​​3000 square meters with 26 million EGP investments.

The Undersecretary also mentioned that, the new bakery will work to provide a range of employment opportunities especially because it will work on two shift basis with a labor force of 200 workers, besides other job opportunities for young graduates through employing them in the distribution of bread to the citizens to reduce the congestion on the other bakeries in the city.