Exclusive: Final Presidential Candidates List

Higher Presidential Election Commission (HPEC) announced on Thursday in a press conference, in Egypt State Information Service’s headquarters, the final list of presidential candidates:

1-  Abou Al Ezz Al Hariri of Socialist Popular Alliance Party, Pyramid symbol.

2-  Mohamed Fawzy Eissa of  Democratic Generation Party, Camera symbol.

3-  Hossam Kheiralla  of  Democratic Peace Party, Car symbol.

4-  Amr Moussa , nominated by 44 thousands signature, Sun symbol.

5-  Abdel Monem Abou Al Fotouh, nominated by 43 thousands signature, Horse symbol.

6-  Hesham Al Bastawisy of National Progressive Unionist Party, Watch symbol.

7-  Mahmoud Hossam Galal, nominated by 37 thousands signature, Star Symbol.

8-   Mohamed Selim AL Awa, nominated by 30 thousands signature, Umbrella symbol.

9-  Ahmed Mohamed Shafiq Zaki, independent candidate, Ladder symbol.

10- Hamdeen Sabhey, nominated by 42 thousands signature, Eagle symbol.

11- Abdalla Al Asha’al of Authenticity Party,  Pic-axe symbol.

12- Khaled Ali, nominated by 32 members of parliament, Tree symbol.

13- Mohamed Morsi of Freedom and Justice Party, Scales symbol.