ExxonMobil reportedly sacks independent syndicate leader in Egypt

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U.S. oil company ExxonMobil has fired secretary general of the Independent Worker’s Syndicate, Yasser Al-Amin, without presenting an official memo, according to workers at the company.

The workers added that Al-Amin was fired from his position as “he did his job defending the rights of the workers”. They explained that the syndicate has taken a defensive position towards the demands of the workers, such as refusing to address forced dismissals and the lack of safety measures.

Al-Amin and the syndicate are said to have spearheaded a legal case demanding to permanently hire workers who have served in the company for more than 10 years.

Al-Amin presented a complaint to the state-controlled Office of Labour, after the company refused to let him into the premises and informed him of his dismissal.

A similar incident took place last year when the company also fired a worker without any clarification, leading the workers to strike. At the time, the syndicate vowed to provide legal support to the worker, demanding the company withdraw the decision.

ExxonMobil Egypt was not available for comment.

Source: Daily News Egypt