Faisal Bank Deposits Increases To EGP 33 Bln In March

Current and savings accounts at Faisal Islamic Bank rose 13.8% registering EGP 33.08 billion at the end of last March, up from EGP 29.06 in the corresponding period in 2011.

Bank’s results showed an increase of 14.3% in the volume of assets, registering EGP36.4 billion in March 2012, up from EGP 31.8 billion in March 2011. Liquid assets increased by 15.9%, registering EGP 3.3 billion in last March, up from EGP 2.8 billion in March 2011.

The volume of the Bank’s operations raised to EGP 36.4 billion, up from EGP 32.05 billion, and equity jumped 14.7%, registering EGP 2.2 billion, up from EGP 1.9 billion.

Provisions registered EGP 1.944 billion at the end of last march, up from EGP 1.904 billion, with a 2.1% increase.

The number of customers increased by 4.3%, registering 884.4 thousand customers in March 2012, compared with 953 thousand customers at the end of March 2011.