FEDCOC to organize exports-promotion exhibitions in Syria, Iraq, Libya

The Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) will organize two exhibitions in the Syrian capital Damascus on April 4 and in Benghazi, Libya on May 7, in order to promote the Egyptian exports.

FEDCOC Chairman Ahmed el Wakil said FEDCOC will also take part with an Egyptian delegation in Kuwait Donors Conference on Iraq on February 13 which is organized by the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce.

He noted that the organization of the exhibitions come as part of cooperation between FEDCOC and the ministries of trade and industry and foreign affairs along with the Egyptian embassies in these countries and the commerce chambers unions in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Kuwait.

Wakil said meetings will be organized on the fringe of the exhibitions between government officials in the countries concerned. Meetings of the business communities taking part in the exhibitions will also be held with the aim of increasing exports.