Egyptian FJP: Military Council Should Apologize

The Freedom and Justice Party, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood, called on the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) to officially apologize for making blunders during the transitional period.

MP Amr Zaki, the party’s secretariat in Cairo, said the council should apologize to the Egyptian people around the incidents happened during the transitional period.

He said the council made a lot of blunders during the period; the most prominent is beating the protestors.

Zaki accused the council with assaulting on the protestors in Abbaseya; recoursing to some thugs, in an attempt to keep instability in Egyptian street so that it will keep the cabinet.

He added that Egyptians should know that the cabinet is no cooperative so the parliament withdrew confidence from it; calling on the council to declare its reasons for keeping it.

Commenting on the meeting between the council and the political powers, Zaki said that the military council has no right to hold a meeting with the political powers and the decision of forming the committee is according to Article 60 of constitution, so the parliament refused the criteria that meeting settled on.