Fresh Clashes in Libya left 3 Dead

At least three people have been killed in fresh clashes between the Libyan army and militia men in the country’s southeastern town of Kufra.
The overnight clashes left at least another 17 injured.

According to Toubu tribe leader Issa Abdelmajid Mansur, the town came under attack on Friday by what was supposed to be a peacekeeping brigade, Shield Libya, under the defense ministry’s order. 

Shield Libya brigade leader Wissam Ben Hamid says that the fighting started when a Zwai tribesman shot dead a Toubu man. 

Colonel Fradj Bushaala said that peacekeeping negotiations were underway between the two tribes. 

Back in February, clashes left at least 113 tribesmen from the Toubu tribe and another 23 from the Zwai tribe dead. 

The Libyan army entered Kufra in an effort to secure the city and end the deadly ethnic conflict. 

On October 20, 2011, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was killed in his hometown of Sirte, eight months into an uprising that put an end to his 42-year dictatorship. 

Following the popular uprising, NATO launched a major air campaign against the forces of the former regime on March 19, 2011 under a UN mandate to “protect the Libyan population.”, according to AFP.

Human rights groups have accused NATO of committing war crimes and human rights violations against Libyans.